charge [chärj]
charged, charging [ME chargen < OFr chargier< VL carricare, to load a wagon, cart < L carrus, wagon, CAR1]
1. Obs. to put a load on or in
2. to load or fill to capacity or with the usual amount of required material
3. to load (a firearm, cannon, etc.)
4. to saturate (one substance) with another [air charged with steam]
5. to add carbon dioxide to (water, etc.)
6. to add an electrical charge to (a battery, etc.)
7. to load a burden on; give as a task, duty, etc. to; make responsible for [a nurse was charged with the care of the child]
8. to give instructions to or command authoritatively [to charge a jury]
9. to accuse of wrongdoing; censure [he charged her with negligence]
a) to put liability on (a person)
b) to make liable for (an error, etc.)
11. to ask as a price or fee [to charge a dollar for alterations]
a) to record as a debt against a person's name or account [to charge a purchase ]
b) to make a record of (something borrowed) [to charge a library book]
c) to pay for by using credit, usually by presenting a credit card
13. to bear down on or set upon with force; attack vigorously
14. to bring (a gun or other weapon) to bear on; level; direct
15. Heraldry to place a bearing on
1. to crouch or squat when a command is given: said of dogs
2. to ask payment (for) [to charge for a service]
3. to attack vigorously or move forward as if attacking
1. a load or burden
2. the maximum or necessary quantity, as of fuel, that a container or apparatus is built to hold; also, the actual quantity held
a) the amount of electrical energy stored in a battery, capacitor, etc.
b) the departure from electrical neutrality at a point, or in a region, as by the accumulation, or deficit, of electrical particles: more electrons than normal produce a negative charge; fewer, a positive charge
4. a cartridge or shell, or the amount of gunpowder needed to discharge a firearm or set off an explosive device
5. Slang pleasurable excitement; thrill
6. responsibility or duty (of) [to take charge of finances]
7. care, custody, or supervision (of)
8. a person or thing entrusted to someone's care
9. instruction or command, esp. instruction in points of law given by a judge to a jury
10. accusation; indictment [charges of cruelty]
11. the cost or price of an article, service, etc.
12. a liability to pay money; debt; expense
b) a debit entered in an account
14. an attack with great force and speed; onslaught; onset
15. the signal for this
16. Heraldry a bearing
charge off
1. to treat or regard as a loss
2. to set down as belonging; ascribe
in charge
having the responsibility, control, or supervision
in charge of
1. having the responsibility, control, or supervision of
2. under the control or supervision of; in the custody of: usually in the charge of

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